Banksy risks breaking Election law

Graffitist known as Banksy risks breaking Election law by offering free print to anti-Tory voters, ITV News reports. If offer is seen as a bribe it could see the street artist falling foul of election law. 

In a post, he writes: “Simply send in a photo of your ballot paper from polling day showing you voted against the Conservative incumbent and this complimentary gift will be mailed to you.”

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Jacob Rees-Mogg’s witty Instagram post 

Conservative candidate and all round good egg shared an amusing snap with his Instagram fans featuring him and his son outside a Labour supporting tattoo parlour. Standing glum-faced next to a Labour sign stuck in the window Mr Rees-Mogg quipped: “We shall have to take our business elsewhere.” 

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Former Labour British-Indians leader slams Corbyn 

A former leader of Labour’s British-Indians slammed Jeremy Corbyn for alienating voters, The Sun reports. Mr Ladwa said: “Corbyn is completely out of sync with Indians.” Adding: “By and large the Indian community has been supportive of Labour for decades, but it has now shifted away.”

“Mr Corbyn is no longer fighting for their aspirations because his politics of the hard left doesn’t speak to them. Labour must be seen to support aspiration and businesses.”

“There are no ifs or buts, and no sugar coating the schism that now exists between Labour’s traditional voters and policies that Corbyn champions.”

British Indians make up for around 2.6 per cent of the population. 

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Labour splits over Diane Abbott’s media appearances 

Diane Abbott is becoming increasingly isolated from team Corbyn after a series of disasterous media performances, Politics Home reports. Things came to a head last week after Ms Abbott’s appearance on the Andrew Marr Show. 

A Labour source is reportedly said John McDonnell was unhappy to let the Shadow Home Secretary appear on the show, saying: “John McDonnell was furious at the prospect of Diane going on again. In the end they got Jeremy to phone her himself — but she . . . went ahead and did the interview, which was predictably awful.”

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Today’s poll

Today’s poll from IpsosMORI sees the Labour Party move within 5 percentage points of the Tories. Top line figures: 

Conservatives: 45%
Labour: 40%
Liberal Democrats: 7%
UKIP: 2%

Labour candidates: May will win 

Labour’s Joan Ryan has written to voters encouraging them to vote for her and not to be distracted by the polls, The Guardian reports. The Enfield North candidate writes: Ryan wrote: “I know from speaking to people around here that many who have previously voted Labour are thinking hard this time because, they tell me, they have more confidence in Theresa May as prime minister than they would have in Jeremy Corbyn.”

“The polls are all saying that the Conservative party will win a large majority, possibly with more MPs than they have ever had before. Realistically, no one thinks Theresa May will not be prime minister or that she will not have the majority she needs to negotiate Brexit.”

A recent poll by IpsosMori puts Labour on 40 per cent just 5 percentage points behind the Tories on 45 per cent. 

However, Labour representatives on the doorsteps are saying they are not picking up on major movement to the party. 

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Corbyn’s defence of cyber jihadis 

Footage has emerged of Jeremy Corbyn defending two British jihadis who recruited and fundraised for terror groups online, The Daily Mail can reveal. Appearing on the Islam Channel Mr Corbyn is seen defending the men, Syed Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmad, saying: “The great tradition of civil liberties campaigning in the USA particularly by the black community, I hope they are going to get behind Babar and Talha and say ‘hang on, these guys haven’t done anything wrong’.”

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Labour’s magic money tree

Labour’s spending plans would cost the British economy £300 billion, hitting families by as much as £3,500 a year, The Sun reveals. Pledges like nationalisation of utilities and scrapping student fees would cost billions in extra borrowing. 

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Boris Johnson: Labour “bottling” Brexit 

Boris Johnson accused Labour of wanting to keep Britain in the EU and bottling Brexit, The Sun reports. Taking part in a leaders debate hosted by the paper, the Foreign Secretary rounded on Labour’s Emily Thornberry saying: “Labour have an agenda to frustrate the will of the people and stay in the EU. It’s not clear you understand what leaving involves or that you’re determined to do it.”

“It scares me that you could go into Brussels with that mindset – you’d be eaten alive.”

Ms Thornberry said Theresa May’s vow to walk away from Brexit talks in the event of a “bad deal” and “threatened the economy.”

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Nicola Sturgeon open to pact with Labour

Nicola Sturgeon has said she would seek a “progressive alliance” with Labour should the Tories fail to win a majority, The Evening Standard reports. Speaking to the BBC, Ms Sturgeon said: “If there was to be a hung parliament, if the parliamentary arithmetic allowed it, then I would want the SNP to be part of a progressive alternative to a Conservative government.”

Adding: “Not in a coalition, I don’t envisage any formal coalitions, but on an issue-by-issue basis to put forward progressive policies and to see a progressive agenda.”

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