Corbyn failed to vote on anti-terror legislation even though he whipped MPs on it

Keir Starmer was left dumbfounded after discovering Jeremy Corbyn had abstained on anti-terror legislation he whipped his party on, The Daily Mail reports. The legislation enabled security services to track terror suspects. 

The Shadow Brexit Secretary, appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, said his party had been in favour of the Investigatory Powers Bill put before parliament last year. 

“Last year, we had the Investigatory Powers Bill, which was a bill bringing together all the powers of the security intelligence services in terms of surveillance and everything that they do,”

“I led the Labour Party on that. And we supported that bill.”

When pressed if the Labour leader had voted on the motion, Mr Starmer replied: “As far as I know, Jeremy voted. Certainly the Labour Party had a three line whip on it, and I led for that on it and we worked with the Prime Minister,” 

Pressing him further, host Susanna Reid said: “You’d want to know if your leader had voted for it though wouldn’t you?”

Sir Keir responded: “He was the leader of the party who imposed a three line whip on it.”

Ms Reid confirmed Jeremy Corbyn had not voted. 

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