Corbyn once defended the right of jihadis fighters to return to UK 

Jeremy Corbyn criticised the Government blocking jihadis fighters from returning to the UK, The Sun reports. Appearing on Arab TV station LuaLua TV, the Labour leader said: “I do think that the way to deal with this issue isn’t by a legal process which seeks to ban people from travelling.”

“The important thing is to deal with issue politically and challenge Islamophobia and racism.”

Mr Corbyn conceded there was a problem with people travelling to Syria to allegedly to fight alongside ISIS. However, he slammed Ministers for wanting to block their return, saying: “The British government’s response has been to try to make it impossible for them to travel, to restrict their ability to travel, to take upon themselves the ability to remove passports and, strangely, to deny people the right of return – which is legally a very questionable decision.”

“I suspect will be fought out in the courts in Britain.”

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