New Shadow Home Secretary once told blind man to “f**k off”

Lyn Brown, who has replaced Diane Abbott due to illness, once told a blind man to “f**k off”, The Daily Mail reported in 2011. Miss Brown, a then Labour Whip, barged past TalkSport’s political editor Sean Dilley as he made his way through Portcullis House with his guide dog. 

Witnesses alleged the then party Whip impatiently overtook him shouting: “For f**ks sake, move out of my f**king way.”

Mr Dilley asked her to be careful and to mind his dog, Chip. 

However, Miss Brown snarled back: “You are such a rude f**king man, you just walked right in front of me.”

To which Mr Dilley reportedly replied: “I’m blind, you stupid woman.”

He then asksd to know Miss Brown’s name, only for the MP to say: “I am not giving it to you, f**k off.”

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