Final polls…

The first of a few final polls today is from Opinium Research. They give the Tories a 7 point lead over Labour. Top line figures:

Conservatives: 43% 
Labour: 36% 
Liberal Democrats: 8% 
UKIP: 5% 
Greens: 2%

IFS: Labour’s tax plans don’t add up 

The Inistute of Fiscal Studies has slammed Labour’s plans to raise £50 billion, CityAM reports. Speaking on the BBC’s Today programme IFS director Paul Johnson said: “They can’t raise the £50bn they say they would raise just from the increases that they say, so you can’t raise that amount of money just by taxing companies and a little bit on the rich…It absolutely doesn’t add up.”

Adding: “In the short run you might be able to get quite a lot of it – whilst you couldn’t get the £50bn, in the short run you might get £30bn or £40bn and that is quite a lot, but in the long run, again you would probably be reducing investment.”

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Daily Mail hits Labour’s toxic trio hard 

New Shadow Home Secretary once told blind man to “f**k off”

Lyn Brown, who has replaced Diane Abbott due to illness, once told a blind man to “f**k off”, The Daily Mail reported in 2011. Miss Brown, a then Labour Whip, barged past TalkSport’s political editor Sean Dilley as he made his way through Portcullis House with his guide dog. 

Witnesses alleged the then party Whip impatiently overtook him shouting: “For f**ks sake, move out of my f**king way.”

Mr Dilley asked her to be careful and to mind his dog, Chip. 

However, Miss Brown snarled back: “You are such a rude f**king man, you just walked right in front of me.”

To which Mr Dilley reportedly replied: “I’m blind, you stupid woman.”

He then asksd to know Miss Brown’s name, only for the MP to say: “I am not giving it to you, f**k off.”

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Corbyn spoke at rally attended by jihadis linked to London Bridge killer

Jeremy Corbyn spoke at a rally attended by members of an extremist group linked to the London Bridge killer, The Daily Mail reports. Crowds at the anti-Israel protest chanted Osma Bin Laden and called for Israelis to be gassed. 

The paper also reveals the Labour Leader and his Shadow Chancellor voted against counter-terrorism law used to ban Al Muhajiroun, the group one of London terrorists had links to, and criminalise its members. 

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Labour would back IndyRef 2, claims Sturgeon 

Nicola Sturgeon claimed Kezia Dugdale told her in private that she would not block a second Scottish Independence Referendum, STVNews reports. The Scottish First Minister made the remarks during a TV debate hosted by the network. 

The Scottish Labour leader said: “I have travelled the length of our beautiful country during this campaign and everywhere I go I meet people who stop me in the street and ask me what I’m going to do about ‘that woman’. They mean you.”

Adding: “Do you understand just how angry people are at you and your plans for a second independence referendum?”

However, Ms Sturgeon replied: “I respect the fact that many people disagree with me on a referendum and independence.” 

“But I also genuinely think that Scotland needs to have a choice at the right time about our future because the consequences of not having the choice are that we may have to accept a disatrous Brexit that will put tens of thousands of Scottish jobs on the line.”

She went on to say: “And you used to agree with me on that.”

“You and I spoke the day after the EU referendum and you told me then that you thought the change occasioned by Brexit meant that you thought Labour should stop opposing a referendum.”

Ms Dugdale said the claim was “not true” and “nonsense” taking to Twitter accusing the First Minister of lying.

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Sarah Onley reported over election expenses 

Liberal Democrat candidate Sarah Onley has been reported to the police over last year’s Richmond by-election expenses, Guido Fawkes reports. Independent researcher Stuart Coster has sent a dossier to the Met detailing what he claims is evidence that Olney failed to declare between £5,157 and £15,414. 

Sarah Olney’s spending return for the Richmond by-election was £1,030 below the limit.

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Corbyn rave to go ahead regardless of election result

A Corbyn victory rave will go ahead regardless of the election result, The Liverpool Echo reports. Revellers will be handed t-shirts and Corbyn masks at the event which takes place on Friday. 

A spokesperson for the event said: “Regardless of the outcome of the election, the event will be going ahead. The venue will be dressed in Labour party colours and there will be Jeremy Corbyn masks and t-shirts for attendees.”

“Tickets were released yesterday afternoon and due to the amount of sales already, we expect the event to sell out this week.”

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Today’s poll

Today’s poll from Survation sees the Conservatives with a 1 point lead over Labour. Top line figures: 

Conservatives: 41%
Labour: 40%
Liberal Democrats: 6%
Others: 9%
UKIP: 3%

“Unwell” Diane Abbott spotted at tube station

After Diane Abbott’s car crash interview on SkyNews the Shadow Home Secretary pulled out of scheduled media appearances and hustings today. 

A Woman Hour’s home affairs debate. 

And an Evening Standard hustings. 

A spokesperson for Ms Abbott said she had been “taken ill”and was unable to attend. However, she was seen this morning, half hour before the Woman’s Hour program began, talking on her phone at Oxford Circus station. 

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